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James Earl Relationship Counsellor

One-Day Sessions

My one-day and half-day sessions are a highly effective alternative or addition to weekly couples sessions.

This intensive is designed to pack learning, insight, and connection into an accelerated program for those with limited time, not living in London, or the desire to make progess fast.

We discuss:

• The two most important roles in any partnership

• The single most successful way to deal with anger and conflict

• How to achieve truly clear communication where needs can be expressed

• How to think differently about sex and physical intimacy, and bring erotic connection

Plus, of course, the issues you bring

The aim of the intensive workshop is to leave you and your partner refreshed, renewed, and reconnected, and with a restored faith in the future together.

Bring back the fun you once had,  start talking again, enjoy sex, and understand how to keep things happy.

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