Delivered to the UKCP (UK Council for Psychotherapy) Conference in December 2018.

In this paper I argue that the romantic idea of sex as an expression of love, leads, very often, to a sense of confusion, frustration and failure in couples. I explain why this idea doesn’t work, why we nonetheless hang on to it, and propose a slightly different way of thinking about sex in long-term relationships.

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I appear in this month's Simply Women & Home magazine (September 2021), as a guest therapist answering questions about "The Sandwich Years':

"If your teens were tough, and your 20s like anawkward episode of Sex and the City, you might have expected midlife to be a breeze. But coping with adult children’s struggles while juggling the needs of elderly parents can test us like never before. Instead of shifting down a gear, we may be faced with our offspring’s failure to launch and parents’ declining health. Award-winning relationship therapist James Earl (above) advises on the toughest sandwich-year scenarios."

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Some shorter articles posted on LinkedIn: