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First sessions are free, without any obligation to continue, so you can check out you're comfortable working with me. If you decide to continue, you do not need to block-book or pay in advance.

If you are on a low income or unemployed, I am happy to offer discounted rates. Please ask for details. You can pay in cash, or by bank transfer, normally after the session.

Sessions normally last one hour, but I can also offer you 90-minute or 2 hour sessions if you prefer. If you are travelling a long way, or are only in London for a brief period I offer 3 hour, half-day or whole-day sessions.

If you have young children, or in other special circumstances, I can offer home visits. (I have to charge for travelling time dependant on the  distance). Additionally, if I have previously met you in person at least once, I can offer you Skype, Facetime, Whatsapp or phone sessions.

Please ask anything about costs or any special requitrements.




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